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Independent research and development of production auxiliary equipment to help production of innovative technologies
Release time:2022-06-09

Adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and progress, the company continues to invest human, material and financial resources for the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing process, and arranges the company's internal automation engineers to transform and upgrade the laser cutting process. Through the research efforts of automation engineers, the "360-degree rotating automatic feeding and feeding device" independently developed by our company will show its skills once it is put into use, just like a "production expert", which greatly improves the level of production efficiency. Small fuselage and large energy bring greater vitality to the company's continuous benefit and innovative improvement.

The double-head 360-degree automatic turning and feeding cutting device installed on the laser machine has been successfully declared as our independent invention patent. This auxiliary processing device is fully equipped with AI artificial intelligence mode, controlled by motion control card, free CAD map, flexible, efficient and precise. Its advantage is that it has the functions of area array copying, translation operation, batch editing, single-step, fully automatic and cyclic operation, I/O input and output, etc.

After editing the action parameters of the device, download the action parameters to the controller through the serial port, and it can run offline and independently; the action parameters can also be saved in the hand-held box for easy recall; the hand-held box can store hundreds of processing files, Each file can support 8000 instructions, which can be called out when used.

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