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Increase the weight of quality management and maintain the vitality of the enterprise forever---- Summary of Zhimei Quality Management Month
Release time:2022-06-09

Quality is the starting point of value and dignity, and the lifeblood of the company's survival! Some people say that "quality is the weight to win trust; service is the key to winning the competition". The whole of our company agrees. The company always adheres to the concept that quality is the lifeline of sustainable development of the enterprise, and adheres to the principle of quality winning while adhering to the customer first. For this reason, the top management of the company has always put quality management in the top priority, and conducts a quality management month activity in May every year.

May is the month of sowing, and for Wisdom, it is also the "Company Quality Month". The quality management month planned by our company aims to continuously increase, improve and upgrade, and optimize quality management endlessly. Specifically, through activities such as strengthening key action plans, evaluating "quality pacesetters" and other activities, we will practice Wisdom's innovative customer-centric concept. And build the quality competitiveness of the whole process.

The company planned in advance, took the initiative to prevent, and formulated a series of "key actions" to win the trust of customers and lay a solid foundation for winning quality awards from major customers.

The company's key actions include:
Research the voice of customers    
Effectively investigate the problems existing in the process of cooperation, pull together various internal resources to improve, track and achieve a closed loop in a timely manner.
Align target
Review the process of index achievement and improve it in a timely manner.

Focus on customer quality culture
Improve, update and deepen the customer quality culture, solve problems with customer "language", and practice with the attitude of duty.    

Strong Resource Guarantee

Mainly for after-sales guarantee, active response, communication, and achievement of customer needs.

Facing the challenges of the complicated external environment and the ever-increasing quality standards and requirements of customers, we never stop. We still think with a positive attitude, embrace changes, and move forward with determination, so as to open a new chapter of cooperation and development with various customers.

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